Chinese investors interested in Pakistan’s solar projects

Prime Minister Shehbaz Shareef recently visited China and met with the leading Chinese companies dealing in construction and development works. It was evident that the companies were extremely interested in investing in the development works in Pakistan including major investments in the solar power sector.

The prime minister had progressive discussions and invited the heads in the corporate to plan and visit Pakistan and decide on investing in the government’s solar power project which, once completed, will be able to generate a total of 10000 MW or energy. Moreover, the initiatives of production of energy in alternative ways including wind energy have also been presented as an option. The PM also asked for assistance in the completion of Gawadar international airport project by the start of 2023 to which the members of the meeting reassured.

He said that the government has been very responsible in paying the due payments to the companies and has been successfully doing so. He also showed regret for the financial and payment issues faced by Chinese companies previously. It was also decided that the current hurdles being faced during the construction of diamer bhasha dam and mohmand dam will be removed.

Complete responsibility of fool proof security of the Chinese workers was taken by the PM and he ensured a very potent security service to the people working for CPEC. He also expressed his sorrow for the lives of Chinese workers that have been lost during their work in Pakistan.

He said that the government is very confident in the business and economic bonding being created between the two countries and showed gratitude towards the Chinese officials for assisting Pakistan developmentally and showing their interest in investing in the projects.