Prime minister's package for the construction industry will increase cement demand

Cement Despatch is facing serious operational problems

In Feb 2023, Cement despatches declined by 7.10 percent as total and remained at 4.040 million tons against 4.348 million tons despatched during the same month of last fiscal year. According to the data released by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association, local cement despatches by the industry during the month of February 2023 were 3.590 million tons compared to 3.943 million tons in February 2022, showing a decline of 8.96%.

Exports despatches increased by 10.96% as the volumes increased from 405,489 tons in February 2022 to 449,940 tons in February 2023. The All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association emphasized that the economic situation in the country is becoming more and more complicated with each passing day. According to the spokesman of the Association “We are facing serious operational problems. We need timely supply of spare parts and consumable items to ensure stable operation of our plants and we urge the government to come-up with practically applicable and industry friendly policies in order to enable the industry to come out of this difficult situation”.

Exports from North based mills increased by 58.22% as the quantities increased from 40,902 tons in February 2022 to 64,717 tons in February 2023. Exports from South also increased by 5.66% to 385,223 tons in February 2023; from 364,587 tons during the same month last year. Domestic despatches by South based Mills during July 2022-February 2023 were 4.880 million tons showing reduction of 8.38% over 5.327 million tons cement despatched during the same period of last fiscal year. Exports from South declined by 48.67% to 1.924 million tons during July 2022-February 2023 compared with 3.749 million tons exported during the same period last year. Total despatches by South based Mills reduced by 25.03% to 6.804 million tons during first eight months of current financial year from 9.076 million tons during same period of last financial year.