CDWP recommends 108MW Golden Gol Hydropower Project to ECNEC

The Central Development Working Party (CDWP) recently held a meeting which was chaired by deputy chairman Planning Commission and attended by Secretary Planning, Additional Secretary Planning, JCE (OPS), JCE (EP), Members of the Planning Commission, as well as representatives from federal ministries and provincial governments.

During the meeting several projects were discussed. After much deliberation CDWP approved the “Golden Gol Hydropower Project (108MW) Chitral, (2nd Revised)” worth Rs42,002 million and recommended it to ECNEC for further consideration.

The sources of finance for the project will be OPEC Fund for International Development (US $ 30 million) Saudi Fund for Development (US $ 97.8 million) Kuwaiti Fund for Arab Economic Development (US $ 52.5 million) USAID (US$ 35.6 million grant).

The main objective of the project was construction of 108 MW hydropower project with an annual energy of about 476 GWh.

The project was commissioned in 2019 and has generated a total of 730 million units till 28.02.2024. the scope of work is Preliminary Works, Civil Works and Hydraulic Steel Structure, Hydro-Mechanical Equipment and Electrical Equipment (Three Vertical shaft generators of 45MVA) Transmission System and Expansion 145 km, 132kV double circuit 53Km transmission line GolenGol to Timergara, 132kV single circuit line from Timergara to Chakdara and Post Flood Rehabilitation Works were part of the project scope.