CCP approves PIL Holdings’ Merger

The Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) has greenlit a significant merger
within the deep-sea container liner shipping services market. PIL Holdings Pte Ltd
has obtained approval to acquire a minor shareholding in PIL Pte Ltd, both entities
hailing from Singapore.
Under this sanctioned merger, PIL Pte, with an indirect subsidiary named Pacific
Delta Shipping (PDSPL) operating in Pakistan, facilitates the management of
shipments and cargo for PIL Pte Group customers within the country. This move
not only underscores the growing interest of foreign entities in Pakistan’s cargo
and shipment industry but also highlights the strategic positioning of PIL Holdings,
primarily focused on investment holdings.
Presently, PIL Pte actively operates on the Far East Asia to Pakistan route,
encompassing China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan,
and vice versa. This merger signifies a strategic alignment set to potentially
reshape Pakistan’s shipping landscape, bringing together entities with a vested
interest in fostering the nation’s maritime activities.