Byco to add two more SPM’s and a subsea pipeline

Byco Petroleum Pakistan Limited has been successfully running its SPM facility for about nine years and now it comes up with more influential proposal. The proposal states to connect Single Point Mooring (SPM) with the white oil pipeline via Asia Petroleum Limited (APL) pipeline for berthing of oil ships. The proposed connectivity will ensure security of energy supplies in all circumstances (peace and emergency) and savings of foreign exchange on account of cargo and demurrages.  Through this, the supply chain infrastructure of the country for POL can be significantly expanded. By connecting Byco’s SPM with the white oil pipeline via APL pipeline, an offshore jetty will be installed 12 km in the deep sea. It will receive crude oil directly into the refinery through a subsea pipeline. A practical APL’s 84 kms long pipeline has been laid between Zulfiqarabad Oil Terminal (ZOT) near PQA and Hub Power Plant (adjacent to Byco refinery). Although, this pipeline is currently running idle due to Hub Power not being utilized much lately.   Byco is also in the process of expanding its SPM infrastructure by adding two more SPMs and an additional subsea pipeline which can be dedicated for POL imports.