Amcon launched TMV6 Tropical Hi-EER VRF

A conversation with Mr. Ammad Monus CEO & Founder Amcon Group of Companies

Amcon Group of Companies are at the helm of HVAC and Fire Fighting sector of Pakistan. This unique combination of having both expertise at one single window puts them in the perfect position to execute MEP projects which they have been completing successfully all across Pakistan. Amcon is the official distributor of commercial air conditioners of TCL in Pakistan as well. The company is consistently increasing their market share in the commercial HVAC projects all across the country. Their tropically suited air conditioning units and pristine quality has earned them a respectable name in the market. The air conditioning units are extremely energy efficient due to the state of the art technology used in it. Amcon has proven to be an extremely successful distributor for its principal TCL. To appreciate their effort in the market Sales Director of TCL Mr. Frank Liang personally visited Pakistan from China on a 10 day trip.

Mr. Ammad Monus, CEO & Founder Amcon Group of Companies during a conversation with Engineering Post revealed that the company is working on arranging workshops and seminars for dealers all across Pakistan. “Amcon Pakistan is arranging training sessions for the dealers to train them about all the features present in our air conditioners,” he said. The latest split Air conditioner being offered by TCL uses the T5 technology which provides the user with the option to choose how much Amperes the AC will use during “This product will provide the user with the ability to control the electricity consumption of their AC from 3-6 Amperes” he added.

The latest product in commercial air condition being offered by Amcon is the TMV6 series IEER Tropical air conditioner. During the conversation Mr. Ammad Monus revealed that this latest product will be displayed at the 27th Pakistan HVACR expo Lahore “We have made a display where we will show each and every part of our TMV 6 Air conditioner which is capable of working at its optimum performance even at the temperature of 54 degrees centigrade,” he said.

To improve the efficiency of work and to reduce the delivery time of products TCL has opened up its 9th factory in China which is completely automated having the ability to work with minimal to no human interference. “As the new factory has now become operational it will drastically reduce our order completion time from 35 days to just a meagre 15 days” explained Mr. Ammad. This initiative will further increase the market share of Amcon and TCL as the reduced delivery time will be a very strong selling point for future customers.

The incumbent government has applied a blanket ban on all imported products which includes HVAC products which were being imported in CBU form. During the conversation while this aspect came up Mr. Ammad Monus was of the opinion that is ok to ban imports of HVAC products which can be manufactured in Pakistan but a blanket ban on products that are a necessity will be counterproductive “We do not manufacture VRF in Pakistan till now so it means that construction work on every infrastructure dependant on VRF Chillers will now stop like Data centers, Industries, servers etc. We are in the process of submitting relevant letters to the government to allow imports of essential items,” he said.