Amcon delivered special projects for Pakistan Air force

Amcon Pakistan, the pioneers of TCL VRF in Pakistan have successfully completed special projects for Pakistan Air Force in Karachi. Due to the superior quality of the work done by Amcon Pakistan they have been issued a letter of commendation by Pakistan Air Force appreciating the work done by them.

The letter issued to Amcon Pakistan appreciated the professionalism with which the work was completed as well as the knowledge and discipline displayed by the engineers and workforce at site for the completion of the said projects.

The work at Masroor Base was completed with such high degree of professionalism and efficiency that the airbase on behalf of Pakistan Airforce felt compelled to appreciate the efforts of the company in writing.

The letter which was issued by the Officer Commanding Administrative wing PAF Base Masroor Group Captain Imran Sohail TI(M) read “This is to certify that M/s Amcon undertook prime projects of Pakistan Air Force Base, Masroor with the highest degree of professionalism, displaying total commitment, discipline and sincerity. Knowledgeable and pragmatic engineering solutions provided by the firm enabled the organization to complete given projects with cost effectiveness well within the targeted time frame. The well-thought-out process of planning and future-oriented outlook distinguishes them from other contractor firms working with this base. Pakistan Air Force is pleased to gain benefit from the professional expertise of M/s Amcon in future projects.”

This high degree of competence is what distinguishes Amcon Pakistan from all other companies working in Pakistan. Amcon Pakistan is known for providing the highest quality of services at the most reasonable costs in the country.

This is one of the many accolades received by Amcon in the recent past. Amcon Pakistan is the same company which pioneered the TCL VRF in Pakistan. Owing to the exceptional quality of services provided all across the country TCL partnered up with Amcon for the distribution of its commercial air conditioners. To appreciate the services of the company Mr Frank Liang the Sales Director of TCL personally visited Pakistan from China on a 10 day trip.

Amcon Pakistan has worked on some of the most distinguished projects in the country including Chase value centre, Agency 21, Squarenine international, Hoora Pharma, Iqvia and many more. It is testament to the outstanding quality of products being provided by Amcon Pakistan and that up till now of all the projects that have been undertaken the company has received no complaints whatsoever.

Acknowledging this technical know-how and efficiency of Amcon Pakistan the letter of commendation from Pakistan Air Force read “… I on behalf of Base Administration, PAF Base Masroor Karachi wish you success in your commendable endeavours and look forward to work with the contractor firm on a durable basis,”

The letter ended with “Well done, Ms/ Amcon”. Amcon Pakistan is a role model for all the other companies in the country and has demonstrated that if good quality services are provided by local companies there would be no need to engage foreign companies.