Pakistan’s most trusted ventilation and air conditioning providers

The director of Aircon Solutions, Mr. Javed Naseem Siddique, is a gentleman with a vast experience in the field of HVACR, working for more than 40 years in handling and maintenance of the Building Management System from Honeywell and carrier products. He is a valuable person with a very strong knowledge of the ventilation and air conditioning equipment including AHUs, FCUs, and ventilation fans and Parking ventilation fans. Through his hard work, he has been a major pillar for the development of the HVACR industry. He is also one of the founding members of the HVACR society.

Aircon Solutions is one of the largest names in the field of ventilation and air conditioning. With a rapid rise in the number of clients and fan following, this company is said to be in the list of the top ventilation and air conditioning system providers across Pakistan. They claim to be the specialists of fan and air movement products to a very diverse national client base. The company has always been able to gain the trust of their clients by advising them the right solution for their queries and providing them with the finest products available in the market, meanwhile giving them awareness on a short term as well as long term bases.

Aircon Solutions has been a part of a wide range of large as well as small scale projects all across a Pakistan. They have proven themselves in the field of HVAC by being accurate, smart and economical with their products and solutions and thus have been able to provide assistance in the ventilation systems of projects all over the country. Especially in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, which are considered to be the cities with largest market and opportunity as compared to the other cities of the country, Aircon Solutions has always been one step ahead in providing the fundamentals and fulfilling the requirements of their large amount of clients in the said cities and proudly strived all the way. The success of this company can be estimated by the fact that they have recently been honored to start working parallel with the Solar and Palau Ventilation group, one of the largest fans manufacturing company all across the globe. Solar and Palau has been successful in achieving a huge market recognition across the whole world only because of the quality and reliability of their products, improving and innovating with the most professional and systematic ways. Created in the year 1952, S&P has factories in Spain (Ripoll, Sils, Torelló) and Madrid France, England, Norway, Mexico, Brazil, USA, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

Furthermore, Aircon Solutions are also representing a very high quality, top of the line brand which is certified by the Eurovent certification, a world leader in the third- party certifications dealing in the fields of heating, ventilation, air- conditioning and refrigeration, for the distribution in the local markets. A wide range of equipment and can be found up for the taking. All the products of the company are very high quality and superior as the Aircon Solutions are maintaining their top place in the world of HVAC supplies. They also supply all the products related to the HVAC category and are able to fulfill the needs and provide their client with any sort of ventilation solution that is required. The equipment includes AHUS & FCUS, energy recovery units, heat recovery units, air purification units, air devices and VAV boxes, specialized valves for HVAC applications, and high quality parking management systems.

Please feel free to contact Aircon Solutions for any type Ventilation requirement in Pakistan.  We hope and assure you to provide the best solution for your requirement.