AG Tek standing at top of HVAC market by offering world class brands

Mr. Afzaal Malik, COO, AG Tek (Pvt) Ltd

An HVAC solution provider since 2016, AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd has been working especially for the industrial, commercial and semi commercial sector. With an expert team of highly skilled, professional Engineers, Supervisors and technicians having extensive experience in the HVAC industry, the company has been topping the HVAC market very progressively by successfully achieving their goals and accomplishing countless aspects of commercial and Residential HVAC design and execution of Projects.

During an exclusive interview to the Engineering Post officials, COO AG Tek Mr. Afzaal Malik stated that the company’s primary aim since the beginning has only been the fulfilment of the client’s requirements keeping in view each and every major to minor detail including the specifications of the required product and on time delivery. He significantly added that their clientele has been thoroughly satisfied by the company solely because of their focus on executing the commitments by achieving the the highest quality standards both in manufacturing and performance.

AG Tek with its specific expertise and experience has developed an extensive reputation of Design, Application and Execution of Commercial HVAC projects. They have been able to successfully solidify their position in the market by providing efficient and reliable products to the local consumers leading to trust building and customer reliance.

Considering the fact that the prosperity of a company ultimately falls on the quality and reliability of the product being distributed by them to the consumers, AG Tek has been able to stand at the very top in the market by providing highly efficient HVAC solutions for the consumers along with innovation of creative ideas that have been a key in ranking their brand name at the top. Currently working with a huge clientele all over the country, the company has been able to successfully install more than twenty thousand tons of HVAC systems in Pakistan. Some notable names that have been a part of their journey include Unilever Pakistan, Muller and Phipps, Parco Refinery, Genome Pharma, GNN studios, Khattak Mall, Al Ghani Mall, Gold Crest Mall, High Street Mall and many others.

AG Tek (Pvt.) Ltd is the official distributor of Coolex and Guangdong Carrier Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning Company in Pakistan. Coolex was developed in 1986 following RIC’s technical collaboration with international industry leaders York. It was brought to the Kuwait market as the only air conditioning manufacturing company in Kuwait. The company has specifically developed this AC system to provide the most reliable results at a temperature as high as 54 degrees Celsius which is extremely optimal for South Asian tropical regions including Pakistan. Chigo (GCHV) on the other hand is the very well-known heating and air conditioning name working since 1994 that has been able to always stay up to the mark in maintaining modern professional AC manufacturing standards and wide distribution ranges both domestically and multi-nationally. Both of the above stated products are supplied by AG Tek all over Pakistan and have been proven to be quintessential for the environment of our country.

The company specializes in all types of chillers including Air Cooled Chillers, Water Cooled Chillers, and Direct/Steam/Hot water fired Absorption Chillers, Water Cooled Centrifugal Chillers. The company believes that they have successfully achieved the targets they set for themselves for the year 2022 and have been progressively maintaining the highest quality standards for their products which has been the ultimate reason for their utmost success in the market and unbreakable trust and bonding with their clients through product satisfaction and manufacturing quality.