AEDB opts competitive bidding of category III projects

The chief executive officer of the alternative energy development board (AEDB) held a meeting to analyze the IRZs for carrying out the competitive bidding of category III solar and wind projects. The IRZs were provided by the NTDC. It was decided in the meeting to go for the competitive bidding plan for the projects. The energy projects approved by NEPRA were not considered by the power division in the plan.

The information about the IRZs had not yet been documented in the RFP according to the board. NTDC had shared the information of the IRZs to the AEDB and a consent from the relevant DISCO was required for the incorporation of the data in the request for proposal documents.

CEO AEDB highlighted in the meeting that indicative generation capacity expansion plan 2021 had been approved by NEPRA and will be helpful in the addition of 1000MW capacity from wind and solar power each, in the year 2024. In this regard, the DISCOs were requested IRZs other than the ones approved by NTDC which will help the board achieve the goal in 2024. The NTDC was also asked to evacuate their power from the category II projects. The company will provide relevant information and IRZs for the connection of any power unit to the 220kv main line. All of this information will also been incorporated in the RFP documents. The board asked the authorities to provide relevant information as soon as possible for the finalization of the category III projects bidding plan at its earliest.