Addition of 4543MW to the system ensured by the end of 2026

All Pakistan WAPDA hydroelectric workers union invited the Chairman WAPDA Lt. General Muzammil Hussain to join the WAPDA workers at Bakhtiar Labour Hall. At the occasion, Chairman Wapda addressed the fellow attendees and thanked the workers saying that WAPDA ensures the safe and steady supply of energy, water and food to the whole country and that the hard work and determination of the workers is commendable.

He said that the hydel power generation capacity of WAPDA is expected to rise to 13949MW by the end of the year 2026. The addition of 4543MW in the system is expected to happen due to the current projects being worked on. According to him, WAPDA will contribute more than 57 billion units of low cost and green hydel energy to the national grid and 20 billion units are expected to be added to the system by 2026.

He commended the company for playing such a vital role in the development of the country and he enlightened the fact the the contribution of workers is the key to the progress which is seen in WAPDA.

All Pakistan WAPDA hydroelectric workers union General Secretary Khurshid Ahmad was also a part of the event and thanked the chairman for joining them and for all of his work done to reconstruct the core units of WAPDA. The chairman also visited the computer training center at the Labour Hall and ensured free of cost computer training to the children of the workers.