Activities during 2021-22 for Building Knowledge Economy

Engineering Post Report

Major developmental focus during 2021-22 is mainly on the following areas: Human Resource Development, Nano Technology, Quality Assurance and Standards,  Halal  Accreditation, Medical  Devices and Health, Electronics & Automation and Herbal Medicines .

Highlights during current financial year are the projects recommended by Prime Minister’s Task Force on Science and Technology. Some of these projects have specific objectives to boost knowledge economy. Some of the ongoing  projects  recommended by the PM’s Task Force  are in advance stage of their completion. These included projects  relating to development of Bio-Materials, use of Artificial Intelligence in Health Sector and developing  products related to  Industrial Biotechnology.

New projects  relating to Gene Editing, Industry Research Centre Collaboration,  Failure analysis  and patent support will provide key  ingredients   of developing  knowledge economy.

The innovative activities and entrepreneurship  culture in talented youth was being supported by  providing  challenge funds to youth, researchers and academia in a competitive environment. In this  regard, Ministry of Science & Technology has been implementing  Competitive Research Programme. Through this programme, research grants are being provided  for addressing the mega national issues and promoting world class research.

Young  students need good base in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) to become good scientists. In order  to identify and facilitate  the intelligent  and science oriented students, Ministry of Science & Technology was launching STEM  at school and college levels throughout Pakistan.  Hopefully, this  will enable the students to achieve their goals in their field of interest.

Awareness among small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for adoption of certification systems to help for improving their  performance and productivity  continues to be undertaken  under the  Certification  Incentive Programme . Under the scheme,  awareness seminars  in association with  local Chambers of Commerce and Industry are being arranged  throughout the country, as and when required in order to maximize  the receiving  number of applications by SMEs for grant of  Incentive Awards.

An amount of Rs 8341 million has been allocated  to Ministry of Science and Technology for its development projects. This includes Rs3490.76 million  for projects of  Ministry of Science & Technology   while Rs 4851.23 million are for projects suggested by PM Task Force on Knowledge Economy.