A Unique Project on VRF System

Cosmix Engineering delivered another Successful Project for one of the Pakistan’s Biggest Resource Service Provider and International Call Centre (TRG/IBEX) to run on 24×7 Operations

Cosmix Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is a well-known company in Pakistan for providing high-quality air-conditioning solutions to a wide range of clients. The company has recently completed the installation of 7TH Generation AUX VRF system at Ibex House Karachi. This project was granted by M/s Ibex Global Solution (Pvt) Ltd and S. Mehboob & Company to Cosmix Engineering. The project was completed successfully, meeting all the stringent standards and compliances set by the consultants.

Cosmix Engineering has a proven track record of providing air-conditioning solutions for large commercial buildings. In 2016, M/s Ibex Global Solution (Pvt) Ltd. has installed a same AUX VRF system of 3rd Generation of almost 320 RT cooling capacity at Ibex Tower, Main shahrae Faisal Karachi, which has been running without any problems since then 24 X 7 no holiday without any fault or breakdown. The uniqueness of project was that it was designed to be operational 24 hours a day without any redundancy or standby unit (As ibex as client didn’t adopt any redundancy or standby unit in design unfortunately, may be due to cost constrain), which is a challenge for many VFR systems. The project has been running successfully without any complaint or major break down. The success of this project helped the company secure the new project or contract for the Ibex House project at DHA Shehbaz, Karachi. Cosmix Engineering has in house team and expertise in installing and maintaining reliable VRF systems has made it a trusted name in the industry.

The VRF system installed at Ibex House Karachi has a cooling capacity of 200 tons, The VRF system uses advanced Variable Energy Ratio technology to provide efficient cooling to the entire building.

AUX is a made in china brand with Research and development centre at 5 locations globally including the R&D centre of Japan. The brand has gained significant success in providing air-conditioning solutions for high ambient temperatures in 147 countries globally. Cosmix Engineering (Pvt) Ltd is also providing aftersales service and 24 hours Operation and Maintenance services, which means that clients can rely on the company for any maintenance and repair work for the systems.

The project at Ibex House was not without its challenges. S Mehboob & Company had set stringent standards and compliances for the project, which required Cosmix Engineering (Pvt) Ltd to work diligently and efficiently to meet them. The installation of a VRF system in a large commercial building is a complex task that requires attention to detail and careful planning. However, the company’s experience and expertise allowed it to successfully complete the project within the given timeline and budget.

Cosmix Engineering (Pvt) Ltd has also successfully installed a VRF system of AUX at an Ammonia Plant with a capacity of 240 tons in 2015 at Industrial area, Karachi. The system has been running efficiently since its installation, which speaks volumes about the company’s capabilities in providing air-conditioning solutions for complex industrial environments. The successful completion of the Ibex House project has further strengthened Cosmix Engineering (Pvt) Ltd.’s position in the market as a leading provider of air-conditioning solutions. The company’s previous experience, expertise, and dedication to meeting client requirements have made it a trusted name in the industry.