A tribute to Mr. Haseeb Tariq (Late), CEO, Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd

Businessman, Philanthropist and a Gem of person by Zeeshan Haider, Publisher, Engineering Post

This current Pandemic has stolen a lot of good people from us within a short span of two years. When I received the news of the demise of Mr Haseeb Tariq I was shaken to my core. In addition to a professional relation I had very cordial relations with the man for more than 20 years. His untimely death got me thinking about the struggles and hardships he had to face to get to this point in his life. I met him last time in mid-February and enjoyed his hospitality over fabulous lunch he offered. The history of Tariq Electric is rich as it is remarkable.

Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd which is now the one of leading manufacturers of MV & LV switchgears & other advance electrical solutions in Pakistan had a very humble beginning. Mr Haseeb Tariq started working from a very young age. He was around 20 years old when he learned transformer winding for the first time. With his brains and determination, he went from transformer winding to motor winding and became one of the top motor winders in Lahore.

The first change of paths in the career of Mr. Haseeb Tariq was when he bought auctioned of equipment from Tarbela Dam and sold it off after refurbishing. In 1993, he went solo and started working from a hall in his house. There he set up a small workshop where he would bring electrical equipment for refurbishing and then sale it off in the market. That small hall in his house was where Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd was born. In 1999 Mr Haseeb Tariq displayed his first indigenously developed panel at a convention in Lahore. The panel was approved by WAPDA a year later in 2000 and Tariq Electric officially started supplying panels to WAPDA and other government institutes. This was the start of Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd. And Mr Haseeb Tariq through his consistence, hard work, discipline, and immense technical knowledge nurtured the company to grow to its current state with nation vide strong operational presence across numerous Commercial & Industrial Projects of National Importance & associated with all major Govt. and private sector organization.

The self-made businessman, Mr. Haseeb Tariq was a true philanthropist at heart. From providing support directly to individuals to financially supporting dozens of charity organisation in the country he never backed off from helping the needy. Even during his last days in the hospital he was worried about timely packing and delivery of ration packs to all the employees before the start of Ramadan.

Discipline and handwork is what defined the whole life of M. Haseeb Tariq. He had made it a ritual to offer Fajr Prayers at Race course Mosque every day before his morning walk after which he started his day. He was known in the market as a straightforward and knowledgeable person with an eye for the detail. Many importers, traders and other stake holders from industry used to ask Mr Haseeb Tariq for technical consultation about equipment and electrical solutions. He expertise was one of the best in his field in the country.

Mr. Haseeb Tariq, CEO Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd breathed his last and left for his heavenly abode on the 25th March 2021. The whole engineering community has felt this huge loss of a gem of a person from among their midst. Engineering Post offers its sincerest condolences to the bereaved family. May Allah Bless his soul. Mr. Muhammad Haris the son of Mr. Haseeb Tariq has now taken the reins of Tariq Electric (Pvt) Ltd and will surely guide the company to new heights.