A Tribute to Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir (Late) by Zeeshan Haider, Managing Director, Engineering Post

Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir left this temporary world for his heavenly abode on August 07, 2021. He breathed his last at his home surrounded by loved ones and family members.

Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir had a very charismatic personality and was well liked in the engineering community. Not only was he active in his professional life and career interacting with colleagues and young engineers/technicians, he also had a very active public life. He had a passion for travelling and photography which was perfectly aligned with the nature of his work.

He was also involved in the Management Committee of the area he resided in Model Town, Lahore. He was elected as Member of the Model Town Society’s Management Committee twice.

Engr. A.W Mir was the CEO of Geomatics and Engineering Services (Pvt) Ltd and was also on the panel of Honorary Consulting Editors for Engineering Post. He was the only Fellow of Royal Institute of Chartered Land Surveyors (RICS) in Pakistan and was considered as the Father of Digital Mapping in Pakistan.

Engr. A.W Mir began his education from a school in Sheran Wala Gate. He then received his BSc from Civil Lines College Lahore and went on to complete his BSc. Engineering in Surveying and Photogrammetry from the University of East Africa, University College, Nairobi. With his passion for travelling he was perfectly suited for the occupation of a surveyor. In the course of his work he travelled across the world and worked in different countries including Pakistan, Iran, Kenya, Tanzania, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Afghanistan, Indonesia.

As one of the few land surveyors in the country Engr. A.W Mir was engaged on a variety of land, geodetic and engineering survey jobs. He had the distinction of being a part of almost all major Hydropower projects in Pakistan in addition to extending his services for major motorways and highways all across the country. In fact Mir Sb was instrumental in introducing digital mapping in Pakistan at the time of design of Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. He was renowned for his work internationally as well. His land surveys spanned from the jungles of East Africa to the Sahara Desert in Libya.

He was also a keen believer of dissemination of knowledge and used to be to go-to guy for any problem related to his field. He was an avid reader and a used to write highly informative pieces which were published in Engineering Post as well as other newspapers of the country.

Engr. A.W Mir had an illustrious career and worked for some of the most distinguished companies in the world including Hunting Surveys and Consultants Limited, Boreham Wood, Herts, England, M/s TAMS, New York, USA, Dastoor Survey Company and Dastan Computer Services, Iran, Montreal Engineering Company (Monenco) and NESPAK in Pakistan. But despite having a highly successful career abroad he was a true patriot at heart which forced him to leave everything behind and settle in Pakistan for good. He spent the rest of his life providing services for the betterment of the country. He often would say that, “You can take the Lahori out of Lahore but you cannot take the love for Lahore out of a Lahori.”

With the passing of Engr. Abdul Waheed Mir, the engineering community has lost an institution. The whole Engineering community is saddened by the loss of such a gem. Engineering Post shares the loss of such a delightful person and a core member of its consulting editors and offers its sincerest condolences to the family of the deceased. May Allah bestow him with the highest ranks in Jannah and grant Sab’r to the bereaved family.