A to Zee expanding its manufacturing operations in Pakistan

Engineering Post in conversation with Mr Jawed Zaman Khan, Chairman  A to Zee Switchgear Engineering

Pakistan has been under a lot of economic stress in the past two years as our import fuelled buying has resulted in the depletion of country’s reserves. Under the current economic condition with import restrictions, local manufacturers like A to Zee Switchgear Engineering are the companies which are part of the solution and have the potential to pull the country out of its current crisis.

Established in 1993 A to Zee Switchgear Engineering has quickly risen through the competition, due to its exceptional production quality and has now become one of the premium switchgear manufacturer in Pakistan. The company already has a manufacturing facility in Korangi Industrial Area and is working on the construction of a new facility at Port Qasim. Mr Jawed Zaman Khan Chairman A to Zee Switchgear Engineering during an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post revealed that work of new facility construction work 75% completed and we are planning to inaugurate the new facility soon, he said. “We have decided that we will shift the electrical and assembly department to the Port Qasim facility while the mechanical work will remain at Korangi Industrial Area facility,” he added.

Premium quality manufacturers like A to Zee have the potential of decreasing imports by import replacement, importing raw materials and manufacturing the final product here. The state of the art CNC machineries at A to Zee Switchgear Engineering and strict quality checks ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. As part of diversifying their portfolio even further,

The key to any successful business is smart planning as well as maintain of adequate stocks for clients. In this regard A to Zee Switchgear Engineering has always been extremely diligent keeping a huge inventory of stocks at hand which has helped them grow even when all the other businesses have come to a halt due to the import ban. “We are currently involved in 4 major projects which are nearing completion. We have only been able to deliver it due to availability of parts in our inventory. Stock level has always been well above the requirements which is why we have been able to deliver orders during the import ban as well,” explained Mr Jawed Zaman Khan.

The standards adhered to at A to Zee and the futuristic vision of the owner has helped make this company one of the top manufacturers of Switchgears Medium and Low Voltage Panels. In addition to having a fully automated manufacturing facility A to Zee is planning on digitalising the whole operation as well making it paperless making it the best choice for potential clients as well as professional consultants in Pakistan.