A novel way of energy efficiency and conservation 

Engineering Post Report

The National Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (NEECA) has developed a novel way of urging the people at large to conserve energy resources in the country.. NEECA has preferred to send messages to the people through their mobiles instead of adopting other means of reaching and convincing the energy resources consumers. Such a message reads in Urdu: Conservation of Energy national responsibility For 30 per cent reduction in gas bill install timer device on geezer. For guidance regarding conservation of energy (gas, electricity and petrol) visit website www.neeca.gov.pk

As reported earlier on these pages in August 2022, Pakistan has the potential to save up to 10-15 per cent (10-12 MTOE) of primary energy supply through energy efficiency and conservation. To achieve this goal, NEECA has developed a Strategic Plan 2020-23 which was supposed to be implemented in three phases.

The first phase (FY 2019-20) was the “institutionalization of energy efficiency and conservation at the national and provincial levels. The second phase (FY 2020-21) was the “operationalization of policy and actions\” and the third phase (FY 2022-23) was to be the “implementation of the action plan.

Visiting NEECA website leaves much to be desired as it moves pretty fast from one side to the other leaving the prospective energy saver planner all in the lurch to say the least.