A look at biter unemployment facts and figures

Report by Engineering Post

About 5.6 million people in Pakistan  are reported to be  unemployed this year  indicating an alarming increase  of 1.5 million since 2021.

According to the facts and figures available from the official sources,  Agriculture employs as much as 37.4 per cent followed by the Services  sector  with 37.2 per cent.

Country’s unemployment  rate stands at 6.3 percent with an unemployed population standing at 4.51 million. while the total employed labour force is 67.25 million out of which  48.5 million are based in the rural areas and  21.5 million  are located in the urban areas..

Over the years, the  employment structure in the country has been transformed  with  technological  transformation  shifting employment  from the agriculture sector to the industry and services sectors. .

Unemployment among the youth in the age group of 15-24 was reported to be highest at 11.1 percent including  males 10.0 percent  and females 13. 3 percent.

Furthermore, more than 13.53 million Pakistanis  were abroad in different countries around the globe. Out of these, the highest number of  96 percent are working in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Pakistanis are also employed in sorts of jobs in Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Malaysia in varying numbers besides Saudi Arabia and UAE.

 More interesting  facts and figures in this regard will be presented on these pages some other time, please.