$700 million solar projects signed for 500MW production

A collaborative project in solar power and technology, worth 700 million dollars has been signed between Chinese Firm Hanersun Technologies and the major name in Pakistan, My Energy, as the CEO of My Energy, Mr. Tariq Wazir Ali and Vice president Hanersun Technologies, Sunny Sun had an official meeting at a local hotel earlier.

The goal of this collaboration is to work for the development of a total of 500MW solar system projects including the distribution networks, dealer networks, warranty, service centres and flagship stores reaching for a total approximate cost of 700 million USD.

Addressing the ceremony, Mr. Tariq Wazir Ali highlighted the need for availability of a sustainable and renewable energy production solution to a state which is heavily dependent upon energy production through furnace oil, diesel and other non-renewable resources. He underlined the possible potential of solar energy in bringing the energy costs to an all time low as well as production from an Energy source that is completely green and environmentally friendly. He also informed that the marked projects will be subjected to completion accurately according to the plan with their primary focus being the steel and agriculture sector.

Vice President Hanersun Technologies, Mr. Sunny Sun praised the quality and reliability of products regarding the solar power sector In Pakistan and reassured complete cooperation and dedication towards creating a remedy for this energy shortfall in Pakistan. He stated that Hanersun Tech. will provide total support within this collaboration and make sure to achieve the goals set for these projects whilst cooperating with My Energy.