60% renewables into energy mix by the end of 2030: Govt

Senator Faisal Javed, the member of parliamentary committee on climate and environment spoke to the people at a session on COP 26 and the Way Ahead-Role of Parliaments in Climate Politics and Implementation of the Paris Agreement at Sustainable Development Conference titled: Beyond the Pandemic: Leaving no one behind, organized by Sustainable Development Policy Institute (SDPI). He stated that Pakistan has been able to plant approximately 1.5 billion trees so far as a step towards the initiative of planting 10 billion trees in the country. He says that the government also plans to inject 60 percent renewables into energy mix and hope to achieve this goal by 2030. He shed a light on the fact that the contribution of Pakistan to pollution is only one percent but still it stands I the countries with the most polluted environment.

Minister of national assembly Riaz Fatiyana and the leader of PML-N Romina Khurshid stated the importance of unity of the nations in order to tackle this problems and demanded the European parliament to play their role in the eradication of this issue.

“We have to replace the fossil reserves with clean hydrogen technology”, said the member of conservative party in Germany, professor Siegfried. He also said that Pakistan need to think of a hydrogen source to facilitate their country as well as supply to the other European countries. Member EU Parliament Sweden Jytte Guteland said we need to help each other to boost the climate finance needed to support this transition.