55 Years old Frontier Works Organization’s Performance

Engineering Post Report

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) as a progressive development firm, having motto of “Sustaining Excellence” is committed to improve country’s infrastructure and has to its credit of accomplishing  numerous  mega projects during its 55 years existence in daunting  environments  such as the great game changer China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) road network in southern Balochistan  various important projects  in different  areas of Punjab, Khyber Pukhtoonkhwah, Sindh and Gilgit-Baltistan.

FWO which has just completed 55 years of creditable performance has steadily grown accumulating  diverse  technical experiences,  financial muscle and corporate  strategies and become  a national  indomitable  outfit that has undertaken  the construction of  bridges, roads,  tunnels,  airfields,  railway lines and dams with irrigation setups all over Pakistan.

According to information gathered from FWO sources, the supreme dedication accompanied  by sophisticated technology and machinery has enabled FWO to be  trusted as the  first choice  of any client.

Beyond the frontiers , the FWO has also  quite successfully and commendably undertaken  construction projects in Kuwait, Afghanistan, United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Liberia (under the United Nations).

 The FWO has always remained committed  to vision  and mission with integrity and honesty and is genuinely proud of cultivating  the culture of quality works. Although  FWO has mostly been engaged   on civil engineering  projects in peace, but it has with the same spirit made its  appreciable contribution  in national calamities/disasters like situations as well. FWO has always  quite promptly  responded to all calamities and natural disasters such as earthquakes,  seasonal floods, glacier avalanches and land sliding.

With an appreciable record of working and achievements, the FWO quite genuinely is looking forward  to greater challenges and is better equipped  and organized  than ever before to  squarely and  determinedly meet them.

The sources  maintained that as Pakistan  braced for the challenges of a new decade of development followed by  scarce  national resources and adverse geostrategic  environment,  in also needs   national strategic  organizations that can be relied upon to reach , resilience , competitiveness and cost-effective v solutions .

The FWO  in recent years has emerged  as the most trusted  strategic organization that has created  engineering  marvels. By introducing  new trends in  tunneling, mining, tourism and information technology and as such, the sources claimed, the FWO is surely the most  relied upon organization in Pakistan.

FWO’s tremendous journey of 55 years is backed  by its  small but dedicated workforce which has demonstrated  its competence  in various domains of  infrastructure  development. In  achievements of goals and targets,  the FWO has sacrificed  more than 1300 workforce  for the national cause.

FWO  is specialized in  numerous engineering  sectors including Infrastructure Works, Energy, Mining, Information Technology,  Tourism, Technical Education and Corporate Social Responsibility  under which so many significant  projects are being accomplished across Pakistan. Sector-wise details of such projects will be presented some other time for want of space, please.

Frontier Works Organization (FWO) had started its  historic journey  from October31, 1966 with the construction of Karakoram Highway  (KKH)—the one and only road link between  Pakistan and China. KKH at times has also been attributed as the 8th Wonder of the World because of its phenomenal altitude  that traverses  the mountain  ranges at   heights  above 4000 meters.

The sources pointedly stated that the FWO has progressed leaps and bounds hence rightly being  considered  as one of the largest  civil engineering  firms of Pakistan contributing  immensely in nation building.