Winning Together Haier Brand Seminar 2023 held at Lahore

Haier has built a name for itself as the pioneer of the home appliances industry. Haier came back again this year with its most exciting and mega event of the year. Yes, you guessed it right, we are indeed talking about the Haier Brand Seminar 2023, which is one of the most talked about annual […]

Resolving Voltage Instability Issues in Industries with Farady Electric Automatic Voltage Regulators

Voltage instability is becoming increasingly prevalent as companies become more reliant on utilities rather than self-generation. Voltage fluctuations harm electrical equipment, causing temporary malfunctions or, in extreme circumstances, irreparable failure. Additionally, it can affect the efficiency of transformers, cause problems in the synchronization of Gen-sets and Utility, and shorten the lifespan of other electrical equipment. […]

Fast Cables launch vertical lights in Pakistan

Fast Cables, the biggest manufacturer of electrical cables & conductors in Pakistan, has added another feather in its cap by launching its new vertical Fast Lights. To unveil Fast Lights products portfolio of eco, value and endure, a series of events are being held in all major cities of Pakistan. The first of such launch […]

Trina Solar’s 210mm N-Type i-TOPCon Cells Roll Off Production Line

Trina Solar’s 210mm n-type i-TOPCon cells rolled off the production line in its 8GW factory in Suqian, Jiangsu province. These n-type cells will be used to produce the new generation Vertex N modules, with power output up to 605W and efficiency reaching 22.4%. Full-scale production will guarantee delivery while improving all-round competitiveness and creating greater […]

Trina Solar maintains AAA ranking in latest PV ModuleTech bankability ratings

Trina Solar has maintained its AAA status for the third consecutive quarter in the PV ModuleTech bankability rankings released by PV Tech for Q4 2022. The company’s continued presence within the highest category validates its ongoing high performance level in manufacturing capacity, technology innovation, product shipments and financial status and underlines its position as an […]

Middle East Energy 2023 Dubai to have Pakistan Pavilion

The premier electrical energy event, Middle East Energy, Dubai being held from March 7-9, 2023 will host Pakistan Pavilion for the second time. Trade Development Authority of Pakistan has offered 60% subsidized rates for the event and 5 leading electrical companies are taking the advantage. The participating companies this year are Transfopower Industries, Fico Hitech, […]

Crisis of Shortage of Raw Materials in Country

Due to non-availability of foreign exchange, many industries are fearful of closure, the crisis of shortage of raw materials has further intensified in industries across the country. If serious efforts are not made to resolve the issue of Letter of Credits (LCs) opening immediately, many industries will be shut down on immediate bases. The State […]

Cognitive Computation in Biologically Inspired Artificial Intelligence

A study area known as “bio-inspired computing,” also known as “biologically inspired computing,” aims to use biological models to address computer science issues. Connectivism, social interaction, and emergence are all relevant. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are related to bio-inspired computing in the field of computer science. A significant portion of natural computation is bio-inspired […]