0JT Program & role of young engineers in PEC

Engr. Syed Shayan Ali Shan, Chairman Pakistan Engineers

Pakistan Engineering Council has recently launched an internship program keeping in view young engineers Pakistan’s agenda points, which is six months paid internship for fresh young engineers.

Till September 2022 more than 10,000 engineers have applied for it but the filter applied at first step has cleared more than 5860 applicants while 2300 young engineers have been contacted by councils however not more than 300 engineers have got that internship yet.

Keeping in mind the positive side, this is first of its kind program. However concerns have been raised based on the eligibility criteria of this program and the detail of the engineers who got the internship is yet not public.

Pakistan engineering council is a federal council but the provincial quota is not followed by PEC which was normally pursued in the Pakistan Engineering Council during supervisory certificate before, so that every engineer from all provinces should have equal opportunity including the areas of Azad Jammu Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, and newly merged cities of FATA.  

To excel in the field of engineering, Young Engineers’ path to be a member of the Governing Body of PEC should be opened right now. There is a condition of 20 years of experience after graduation imposed to maintain the Status quo for retired engineers from Non-GB members lobby. While on the other hand, 26 years old Pakistani can be a member of parliament and he/ she can run state affairs.

The role of Young engineers in active policy-making is the only way to create a new atmosphere, environment & aura to deliver and build Pakistan and this kind of errors in internship program and many other areas can be removed by their input inside PEC.

Chairman Pakistan engineering council should realize, comprehend & recognize that their according to PEC record, 341626 engineers are registered with the council in which majority of engineers are young while they have no representation in the Governing body.